A high standard of security is maintained with a zero tolerance for incidents.

An Independent company manages the physical security on a day to day basis and reports directly to the HOA appointed General Manager of Risk & Security who is proactive in running the risk portfolio.

The General Manager daily keeps abreast with the ever increasing changes / upgrades in technology and equipment. He is also in regular contact with the SAP regarding crime statistics around the area and attends the Community Police Forum sessions.

A second Independent company manages the twenty four hour Control Room to ensure no collusion. CCTV camera monitoring as well as fence and residents alarm activations are monitored.

There is a strong physical security presence as well as electronic systems inclusive of internal and external perimeter cameras and a high quality electric fence. Infrared camera systems have been installed in areas with poor lighting. These cameras are of a high quality.

Radar monitoring is an on going process to stop speeding offenders.

Security strives to keep the Estate a secure and safe environment for all the residents and their families.


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